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A manicure is a form of beauty therapy for your hands and nails. Usually it involves trimming, filing, shaping and polishing of your nails by a professional beauty therapist.

Special moisturising lotions may be used on your hands. While some go for a manicure because they want nails that are stunningly long and sharp, others find the 'talon' look rather impractical. You can choose what's best for you and the therapist giving you the manicure can advise on what shape of nail is most suitable for your fingers. Small hands tend to look best with almond shaped nails while larger tends to suit a more square effect.

What are the benefits?
Having beautiful hands can give you a feeling of elegance and style. This in turn increases your confidence and sense of well being. If your nails are broken or chipped, or if you're in the habit of biting them, this type of treatment can help to make them look classy once more. Dirt can become encrusted under your nails as well as into the skin of your hands. This is a great way to get your hands really clean. Skin that is rough or chapped can be softened leaving it feeling silky and smooth. Increasing numbers of people find that getting this type of treatment for special occasions, such as weddings or just an important night out, gives them an extra boost. Our hands are how we make contact with the world. Having them looking good can make a big difference to your overall physical appearance as well as your sense of touch.



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