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A pedicure is a form of beauty therapy for the feet and toenails. It is essentially a manicure for your feet. The Latin word pes means foot and cura means care so that a pedicure literally translates as foot care.

With a pedicure, the toenails are generally cleaned, trimmed, shaped and polished. After a good soaking, foot lotion is used to moisturise the feet while special scrubs and pumice foot stones help to remove dead and hardened skin. Specific types of creams can be used to enrich the skin and leave your feet smelling fresh and sweet. Polish is then applied in layers to make your toenails look beautiful. There's many different colour and shapes of nails to choose from. A pedicure has become a kind of miniature art form in itself.

What are the benefits?
This is a way to really deep clean your feet making hardened skin soft and supple as well as removing unpleasant odours. These treatments are particularly popular in the summer when people want to show off their toes by wearing sandals. They can also help prevent in grown toe nails and other nail problems or infections. The treatment itself is usually very relaxing and pleasant. You'll be left with your feet feeling silky and sexy. Looking good and feeling attractive can boost your confidence. You can enjoy a special occasion or a holiday even more when you know your feet are at their best. So pamper yourself and put a little bounce in your step.



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