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Buy Levitra online

If you want to buy Levitra inline (or vardenafil for it's pharmaceutical name) then read our basic information first.

Levitra belongs to a group called PDE5 inhibitors; it comes as a tablet that can be prescribed in three strengths and is available to buy on line in the UK. Levitra requires sexual stimulation to work and is not an aphrodisiac. Filling the penis with blood causes an erection of the penis. For this to happen there is a serious of chemical reactions that occur when the man is sexually stimulated that direct the blood vessels accordingly. The blood vessels allowing blood into the penis increase in size and the blood vessels taking blood away decrease in size thus allowing the erection to be maintained. There is a chemical released after sexual activity that causes the opposite effect, allowing the blood to flow out of the penis and the erection to end. Levitra destroys this chemical, allowing for a prolonged engorgement of the penis with blood and a more sustained erection.

The tablets that are available on prescription or to buy online in the UK are to be swallowed whole prior to sexual activity. The amount of time it will take to work varies from person to person, and most men achieve an erection within 25 to 60 minutes, although some after only 15 minutes, and after a 5-hour period and erection should occur if sexually stimulated. It can be taken with or without food, although foods with a fat content greater than 57% should be avoided. Small amounts of alcohol will not affect its ability to work, however alcohol may generally impede an erection and should be avoided in excess.

If you plan to buy the tablets, which are available from pharmacists online in the UK, then it is important not to exceed the stated dose, as this will not improve is efficacy but may increase the side effects. When taken at the recommend dose clinical trials have proven the side effects, which may include headache and facial flushing, to be mild and transient. However it should not be taken in conjunction with other medicines containing nitrates, and patients should inform their doctor if they plan to use it in conjunction with other medicines.




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