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Personal life coaching

Helping people in every day situations, personal life coaching looks at almost all aspects lives from work-life balance through to family relationships.

In a way, personal life caoching is holistic and will consider how the different elements of a client's life impact on each other - body, mind and soul if you like. Personal life coaching can be a short-term or an on-going relationship between coach and client and it helps the client to move from where they are now to where they want to be.

Closing the gap between thinking about doing something and actually doing it, with external help you can try to identify personal life 'interferences' and mental barriers in the hope that you can resolve or remove them.

What topics can be discussed?

Anything! It may be that you want to look towards a whole new lifestyle and make changes to your exercise regime, diet, career or relationship. Working with a coach can help you make these changes in a way that suits you, and support you with the motivation to succeed.

Or it may be that you have health issues, concerns at work or worries over your children. You and your coach can discover what's important and together focus on the goals that will make a difference.

It is not about 'telling' or knowing all the right answers. It is about asking the right questions so that the client can work out what the right answers are for themselves. The coach then supports the client as they change and develop and achieve more of what they want.

Sometimes clients know that they want things to be different for themselves, but aren't quite sure exactly what they want or how to do. These types of coaches offer a new way of looking at old problems which enables the client to see exactly what steps they need to take.




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