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Career coaching

One of the latest areas to see a boom in referrals is career coaching. You may ask what this is and why a career coach differs from a life coach.

Our quick guide will help to take the mystery out of it and explain briefly what it's all about

Most of us spend one third of our lives working. But surprisingly, or probably not so, the majority of people are unhappy in their present job, yet they do nothing about it? Career coaching is an ideal solution whereby a career coach works with you to break down your job, career and interests and then to explore all work-related issues.

By focusing on your natural gifts and talents, career coaching can be a help if, and when, you look to change jobs, your career or to improve work satisfaction in general. In short, it helps you to assess what is good for you, and what's not.

What areas do they cover?

Career coaching can cover anything from helping you find a balance between work and home or overcome burnout to identify what you need for job satifaction or to break the cycle of negative talk about your skills. in Working with a coach can assist in making these changes in a way that works best for you, and will help you gain the motivation for success.

A coach will help their clients find their own specific answers by asking the right questions. This means the solutions are tailored to the individual and the coach acts as a catalyst to facilitate change and aid in their ultimate transformation. These types of coaches will help you define what you love to do and turn it into what you. What a great way to look at your day job!




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