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Swimming instructor jobs

Instructing people of all ages, swimming instructors work with all abilities, from absolute beginners through to competitive swimmers. Depending on their qualifications and experience they can teach everything from basic strokes through life-saving techniques to advanced competitive workouts.

Demand for swimming instructors is high, but full-time jobs are somewhat rare. The places to look for jobs include local authorities, health clubs and leisure centres, outdoor pursuits centres, holiday camps, and hotels.

Many times the role will also be combined with other duties which can include life guarding, or pool maintenance. In healthy clubs or leisure centres, swimming instructors sometimes combine the role with work in the gym, or teaching classes. For any of these jobs the key is training and certification - the more recognized qualifications you have, the greater your range of options and employers.

Most jobs are paid on an hourly basis. The ASA recommends the following rates, though these are only a guideline:

  • Assistant teachers ?5.50 an hour.
  • Full ASA qualified teachers ?11 an hour.
  • Club coaches ?13 an hour.
  • Fully ASA qualified club coaches ?15 an hour.
  • Senior coaches at district, national, international level ?20 an hour.

For more information on training, certification and employment, contact the following:
  • Swim Teaching Association (STA)
  • Swim Ireland
  • Sports coach UK
  • Amateur Swim Association (ASA)
  • SkillsActive
  • Swim Wales
  • Scottish Swim
  • UK Coaching
  • Certificate

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