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Working as a tennis coach has a glamorous reputation - check out Woody Allen's recent film "Match Point" - but the reality is that this is a career that requires good skills and the right qualifications. Successful tennis coaches must be able to play the game a high level and have good people skills, and the right training is essential.

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has a progressive structure of certifications, starting with the Tennis Assistant certification, which is a good taster for those interested in assisting in clubs and schools, all the way through to the Performance Coach Award (PCA), which qualifies you to train players for international competitions. For more details on all these courses, refer to the LTA's website.

Competition for jobs can be intense. For beginners, it is likely that your first position will be either as an assistant or on a voluntary basis. It is only once you have established yourself, and moved on in terms of qualifications and experience, that you will be ready to look for a full-time, paid position.

Most positions are either at tennis clubs, leisure centres, or through schools. Places to look would include:

  • LTA
  • Leisure News and Jobs (LNJ)
  • UK Sport
  • English Institute of Sport
  • The Sportsweb
  • Jobs With Balls
  • Adventurejobs.co.uk
  • Totaljobs
  • Tennis Magazine Online
  • Tennis Worldwide Magazine
  • fortenniscoaches.co.uk
  • Local and regional newspapers

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