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Osteopath jobs

Complementary medicine is one of the fastest growing fields, so Osteopath jobs should be easier than ever to find right? That's why you can find a rundown below of an Osteopathy job and what you can expect.

If you want to find osteopath jobs, you will be looking at needing to be Registered. This means you will have completed extensive education both at university and also on the job itself. Osteopaths can develop their skills through a wide range of postgraduate qualifications, with opportunities to specialise in areas such as sports care.

This is definitely an equal opportunities field - nearly half of those who choose to become an osteopath in the UK are women (45%). The work can be in a range of settings including private clinics, patients' homes, sports clubs and occupational health units, and frequently you will be treating clients who have been referred by their GP.

Most practitioners are self-employed, so income varies considerably. Newly-qualified, you might earn ?12,000 a year, while an established practice could earn ?50,000 or more. Hourly rates are typically around ?25 per half hour session. Working hours are flexible as you need to work when patients are available to see you - this could involve evening and weekend work.

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