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You might be a good candidate for Operations Manager careers in fitness if you're passionate about the sports and leisure industry and want to roll out widespread changes and improvements.

The good news is that given the recent boom in the industry, there are more Operations Manager careers in fitness than ever before. Operations manager careers in fitness present a real opportunity to make a difference in your chosen field, a great salary and plenty of scope for personal for personal growth and advancement. So how can you go about finding an Operations Manager career in fitness, and what exactly does this role entail?

The skills required for this job depend on the management level you're applying for. You can fill this role for an entire organization, where your duties will cover several clubs, or you can fill this role at a club level, where your duties concern that club specifically. On an organizational level, you'll be responsible for the programming and development for a series of club chain outlets for that organization. This means you'll be planning programmes, liaising with centre managers and their teams, and taking charge of the financial planning and management of funds across all the centres under the organization's umbrella.

You're probably wondering how you should go about finding openings for this role either on an organizational level, or on an individual club basis. For senior management positions such as these, you're often well advised to go through a recruitment agency specializing in the sports and leisure industry. This will not only mean that you'll have assistance finding the best possible position for you, it'll also mean that you'll be sure that you've got the best possible deal on salary and benefits. If you don't want to go through a recruitment agency, this sort of role is also listed in newspapers and trade journals, as well as in specialty sports and leisure websites such as www.leisurejobs.com, and www.la-sourcejobs.com.

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