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Have you always dreamed of a career as a stylist to the stars, but aren't really sure what it takes to get there? Or are you creative, with a flair for fashion, and you've recently come across the idea of a career as a stylist, and you're looking to learn more? Whether the idea of a career as a stylist is a long cherished ambition, or a newly discovered opportunity, this job is fast paced, exciting and full of potential for advancement. So what does it take to have a career as a stylist? And how do you go about finding vacancies?

A career as a stylist encompasses fashion, beauty, art, an eye for design and most importantly, a creative streak. The job takes many forms. You can specialize in hair and make up design, you can focus on fashion, or you can even start a business as an image consultant. Whatever area you chose to make your specialty, this job usually means that you use carefully chosen clothes, hair styles that suit, and well matched and applied makeup to play up your client's most attractive features and make them look their most attractive. And you'll be pleased to know that in large arenas like feature films or pop videos the salaries are very lucrative.

So how do you go about finding a job in this field? You can start off by looking for positions in beauty salons, or fashion houses. These will be listed in the newspapers and on the internet at sights such as www.leisurejobs.com, or www.leisureopportunities.co.uk . Fashion, Beauty and Entertainment Trade Magazines will also have listings. Visit the websites of companies or organizations that you'd like to work for, and keep track of vacancies as they're announced. Lastly, because in the entertainment industry 'who you know' is often as important as 'what you know' many people begin by volunteering or doing internships at fashion shows or photo shoots, where they make important connections.

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