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Why not try for a job as a fitness club Duty Manager. Looking for a way onto the management ladder? Passionate about the health and leisure sector? If you get a job as a fitness club Duty Manager you can be confident that you've chosen a job with plenty of opportunity for advancement.

To get a job as a fitness club Duty Manager doesn't require any special qualifications, at least not initially, but once you get the job, with the right attitude and some additional education and training you can be on your way to more involved management roles. So where do you need to look to get a job as a fitness club Duty Manager? And what can you expect from the role?

This role is the lowest level of management at a sports and leisure facility. Generally speaking, the role entails running the facility over the course of your shift, and you will be responsible for health and safety, coordinating staff schedules, fielding customer questions and complaints, and rolling out programmes.

In this role, you will likely be required to report to people in higher level manager roles, including Operations and the facility head. You may be required to attend departmental meetings for Sales, Reception and Admin, and F&B.

So how do you go about finding such a career? People are often promoted to this role from lesser roles in sales, reception or F&B at any given facility, so one option is to get a lower level position and work your way up. Another idea is to check the websites of health and leisure facilities for vacancies. You can usually find position listings in newspapers or trade papers.

There are also websites such as www.leisurejobs.com, and www.la-sourcejobs.com that specialize in posting listings of openings in the sports and leisure sector. Or why not head down to your local facility and introduce yourself? Your new career could be just around the corner!

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