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Reflexology & sleep disorders

How do reflexology & sleep disorders go together? This natural healing system is effective in treating a whole range of disorders, not just physical, but psychological too.

Reflexology & sleep disorders go together because of the types of lives we lead. Poor diet, too much stress, not enough exercise, these all contribute to a range of disorders such as sexual problems, mood swings, depression, and unspecified digestive system disorders such as IBS.

Complementary therapies and therapists work with the whole person - that is, take a holistic approach - in order to help relieve whatever symptoms, physical or psychological, that people present with.

Because you spend a long session with your holistic therapist (typically 45 - 75 minutes), you have a chance to build up a relationship of trust and understanding.

Thus the therapy can deal with a range of issues, helping you to become more relaxed, calmer, with a more positive outlook on life. When combined with good lifestyle advice (for example on diet - what to eat and not to eat before bed time), this can make a huge difference.

Thus by the time your head hits the pillow at night, you will be feeling calm and optimistic, ready to close your eyes and dream the night away.




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