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Reflexology & arthritis

For some people, reflexology & arthritis are a perfect match. This painful condition, which can resist so many treatments from your doctor, can sometimes respond better to alternative methods.

How do reflexology & arthritis work together? Interestingly, one treatment that can provide relief from the pain of this disease is cortisone shots.

However, a skilled practitioner can help to reduce your dependence on cortisone for your arthritis by stimulating the key reflex areas for the adrenal glands. By stimulating (pressing) certain areas on the feet the therapist can stimulate the body to produce its own supply of natural cortisone.

There are other benefits. This condition can occur when large quantities of uric acid build up in the body, causing pain and inflammation in the affected joints.

Regular treatments will encourage the liver to detoxify the body, stimulating the lymphatic system and the kidneys to remove the waste. As the waste product is transported from the joints, the swelling and pain are reduced.

So what will your therapist actually do? He will use a variety of techniques - for example, he may thumb walk up, down, and then across the spine reflexes on the inside of your feet.

He may also work the area of the arch of the foot, from the "mid-line" to the "diaphragm line" to stimulate the adrenal glands.

If you are seeking an alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers and steroids, this is a form of treatment worth considering.




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