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Reflexology & digestive problems

The association between reflexology & digestive problems is a successful one. Because this is a holistic, complementary therapy, it is gentle and non-intrusive, and thus ideal for anyone who wants to avoid western treatments such as drugs and surgery.

Reflexology & digestive problems are therefore a natural fit. People who have chronic, unresolved problems with issues like constipation, IBS or colitis, often find that western medicine fails them.

Their choices are either to take more and more medication in the hope that something will eventually work, or try alternatives, outside the mainstream.

A reflexologist presented with gastric symptoms will typically focus on the reflexes associated with the stomach, liver, gall bladder, small intestine and large intestine. It is not unusual to pick up tightness or congestion of the areas associated with the small or large intestine, which is related to digestion and elimination of food.

This can be felt in hardness in the soles of the feet, for example. A few sessions is typically enough to resolve many of the symptoms of IBS, such as reduced pain on bowel movement.

In addition, as the process helps the body to eliminate toxins, improve blood supply and boost the immune system, it can help to restore energy and balance and improve overall health.




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