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Sports massage

If you've never tried sports massage, you are missing a treat. Not only does it feel good, it's also good for you!

Sports massage refers to a technique that involves very deep (and occasionally painful!) work on your muscles and soft tissues. When combined with regular stretching and mobilization work, it can be a very effective way to help many muscle and joint problems.

Sports massage therapists use powerful kneading and stoking techniques to work on areas of tension deep within the muscle. When combined with manipulation and stretching of the muscles and surrounding soft tissue, these techniques can be very effective in freeing trapped nerves, removing lactic acid, and bringing oxygen rich blood to areas with poor circulation.

These are all key elements in helping you to recover from tough workouts, and thus be ready for the next session. It is also necessary to allow injuries to heal properly, and not develop into chronic problems.

This is helpful not just for professional athletes, but for anyone who works out hard. Removing lactic acid and relaxing the muscles reduces pain and can help people who have developed negative postural habits.

These negative postural habits can occur for a number of reasons including repetitive work postures (e.g. drivers, desk workers, and machine operators), old injuries that have not been properly treated, or even mental and emotional influences on the body.

Combining regular sessions with a program of rehabilitation exercises and stretching can alleviate many of these problems.




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