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Lymphatic massage

Techniques for Lymphatic massage were developed in the 1930s, and are credited with being able to help the body eliminate waste and toxins and boost the immune system.

Lymphatic massage aims to unblock this key system. When it is blocked, fluid can build up and stagnate, which causes our whole system to become toxic. We feel sluggish, lacking energy, and are more susceptible to illness.

When you visit a therapist for a lymphatic massage session, they will take a medical history, then conduct a physical examination that focuses on the lymph nodes. Based on this they will be able to assess whether you need a localised session, or if they need to work on the whole body.

The actual therapy involves a combination of very light pressure and soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes. A localised session can take as little as 30 minutes, but if they need to work on the whole body, it can take up to two hours.

Those who have had this treatment report a range of benefits, including:

  • Reduction in chronic illnesses such as colds and flu
  • Reduced puffiness or swelling
  • Improved skin for those with problem skin and cellulite
  • Improved respiratory function
  • Increase in energy levels

This is a safe and effective treatment, although it is recommended that those with cancer, diabetes, thyroid or kidney problems, asthma or epilepsy should seek medical advice before treatment.




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