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Can acupuncture be used to treat eye conditions? This branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for thousands of years in the east to treat a whole range of conditions, but we are only now beginning to understand its potential here in the west.

Treating eye conditions with acupuncture actually makes a great deal of sense if you study the field in any depth. Acupuncture works on the principal that there is a universal life energy (Qi) that flows through our body - if this energy becomes blocked, we become unwell.

A skilled acupuncturist insert tiny needles at key point in these meridians to unblock this flow, and allow the Qi to stimulate the body's natural healing systems.

A careful study of the location of these meridians shows that 8 of the 12 key meridians have starting points or terminals around the eye. The other 4 have a less direct connection with this area.

Thus applying needles in the area around the orbital socket has a direct effect on key meridians, and can be used to treat complaints all around the body. This area has proven particularly successful in treating pain in areas throughout the body.

Once the treatment has begun, the body takes over, using its own natural powers to heal itself. This can sometimes provoke a short term increase in symptoms, or a reaction in other parts of the body, such as appetite, sleep patterns, bowel or urination patterns, or even emotional states.

These are all natural reactions of the body as it clears out the toxins that have built up while the energy flow was blocked.




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