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Swimming pools

Of all the activities you can do at a fitness centre, swimming is one of the most popular.

Swimming is a form of exercise that uses the whole body, yet is gentle on vulnerable joints such as the knees ans consequently is a great all over, safe workout. There are few other workouts that can combine fitness and relaxation so well.

If swimming is important to you, then obviously pool facilities are crucial. They can vary widely from one fitness centre to another, so check them out. The main things to consider are:

  • Pool size :

    For swimming laps, a six-lane, 25-meter pool is the norm. Anything less than that and you will spend more time turning than swimming.

  • Indoor/Outdoor :

    Most pools in the UK are indoor, and if you want to use the pool year-round, then this is essential. However, a heated outdoor pool makes a great addition to an aquatic facility, and can be a real treat to use in good weather.

  • Children's pool :

    If you want your children to be able to come with you, or if you have little ones who need lessons, then a small teaching pool is essential.

  • Spas :

    Some clubs, particularly up-market ones, also have a spa area attached to the pool. If you like to pamper yourself, this can be a great addition.

  • Schedule :

    Finally, you need to check the schedule - the best pool in the world is useless if there are only limited times available to use it. Be sure that the activities you want (lap swim, children's lesson, etc) are offered at times that will work for you.



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