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Fitness Classes

For many people, the most important part of any centre are the fitness classes like yoga & pilates and more general ones like aerobics or bums and tums.

Fitness classes offer the opportunity to exercise in a fun, sociable environment, under the watchful eye of a trained expert. With the pressure of your peers to keep you working hard, you are almost guaranteed a good workout. When evaluating different fitness centres there are several things to consider whether you are looking at Yoga & Pilates classes or more general ones. First up is the variety.

Just because cardio funk is your favourite right now, doesn't mean it will be next year. You may tire of it, or maybe you'll suffer an injury and need something with a different pace, such as yoga or Pilates. Check the schedule and be sure that there is a full range, fast and slow, hi and low impact, covering all body parts.

Also important is time of day. The activity that's just perfect for you now may be impossible if you change jobs, for example. Any good fitness centre will offer each of their classes at various days and times throughout the week so that almost everyone will be able to find at least one convenient time.

A good instructor will make or break a class, so be sure that all the instructors are trained and certified, and don't be afraid to ask existing members what they think of the instructors. And of course be sure that the cost of classes is included in your monthly membership fee - at some fitness centre you pay extra.



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