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Fitness centre locations

Of all the factors to consider when choosing a new club, one that often gets ignored is the location of the centre. In reality, the location of the club is crucial, and should be determined by your predicted workout pattern. People work out at all different times, typically as a result of the other main constraints in their life - work and family. The location of the centre should be carefully chosen to be sure it fits in with these.

So how do you choose the location of the centre?

The crucial factor is when you expect to work out most frequently. If you will use a health club mostly on the weekends, or in the evenings, then somewhere close to home may be your best bet. However, many people like to workout at lunch time, or on their way to or from work. In this case it may be better to choose somewhere that is close to work.

Making this decision requires that you make a realistic assessment of when, and how often, you are likely to use a club. Bear in mind that most people over-estimate how frequently they will work out - the key to getting this right is to be honest with yourself about what are you are likely to do.

Once you have figured out where your new club should be, you can start to focus on other factors.



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