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Staff fitness qualifications

As with any business, the employees can make a big difference to the experience you will have at a fitness centre.

Of course you want them to be polite and friendly, but even more important, you want to know about the staff's fitness qualifications. Working in an environment such as a gym it is essential the employees are trained and certified.

For many years the health and fitness business was unregulated, with no overall industry standards. That meant that there were a lot of cowboys operating with no staff qualifications, and consumers had a hard time separating the good from the bad. However industry standards are now in place which allow you to know if employees are appropriately qualified.

The most important staff fitness qualification is registration with REPs, the Register of Exercise Professionals. REPS is a self-regulatory system for all trainers, instructors, coaches, and teachers working in fitness and exercise. REPS has created a framework within which individuals can achieve the highest levels of professionalism, linked to best practice in the business. Registration is achieved by undertaking training and gaining nationally recognised certification in exercise and fitness.

Registration shows that the individual adheres to certain levels of good practice. REPs encourages a properly trained base of exercise professionals who:

  • Have gained recognised and approved certifications
  • Can demonstrate competence in their working environment
  • Are committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Have public liability insurance appropriate for the level at which they are working
  • Are committed to the Code of Ethical Practice



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