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Spa resorts & spa holidays

Designed to be that increasingly popular combination between indulgence and health, spa resorts and spa holidays are now very much for those in the know.

When you really need to chill out, pamper yourself and relax in a pleasant environment, spa resorts can be just the ticket in some fantastic locations. Although spa holidays in the likes of the Caribbean or even on the Med are still very often the preserve of the rich and famous, they are now within reach of more manageable budgets, so why not find out more.

Often set in beautiful natural surroundings in old style country houses, spa resorts are usually about location as much as treatments and the setting is usually enough to instantly put you in a more laid back frame of mind. Then there's all the services on offer.

A few hours proper massage can really lower your stress levels and leave you feeling in a state of relaxed bliss. Usually there are jacuzzis, saunas and swimming pools on offer to bathe your tired body in. Facials, manicures and pedicures can help make you feel rejuvenated and fresh.

Take this opportunity to check out alternative health treatments like aromatherapy and discover just how good they can make you feel. If you want to work out, most places offer full gym facilities. So whether you're into pumping iron, running for miles, aerobics or yoga, you're bound to find a way to get your body in shape. There's also usually advice available from professionals regarding diet and how best to find a lifestyle that keeps you in top form. Many are flexible about how long you can stay and often offer packages designed to keep all the family entertained.

There is now an enormous variety of locations and facilities meeting what is definitely a growing demand for personal wellbeing and pampering, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding somewhere that's perfect for you.



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