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Health farms

The term 'Health Farms' conjures up images of idyllic country retreats, strict diets, rigourous exercise regimes and plenty of fresh air.
But do health farms really offer all of this and more to the likes of you and me? We thought we'd look into as part of our skin care and beauty section to be able to let you know too!

What exactly should you expect from health farms and spas and how much do they charge for a day of pampering? We also looked into what kind of guests they attract and what sort of services they provide as part of your day/weekend break.

Obviously, there is a complete range of prices and costs associated with health farms, there's also exclusivity factored in as well. Certain health frams are almost off limits unless your budget is big and you are able to travel across the UK - but you often get what you pay for.

A Health Farm is an ideal place to go for treatment whether you want to lose weight or just rest and recouperate. It tends to be located at a dedicated venue, which means that guests can feel free to walk around the premises in their gym clothes or robe.

Visits tend to extend for a few days, so guests usually stay over night in a room provided for them. The focus tends to be on wellness, so the whole premise is often smoke free. If you're a smoker, you may be able to request a smoking room in certain facilities, but be advised that you can only smoke while in that room. Most facilities do serve alcohol, but there are a few that don't, so it's always wise to ask the facility before you go and stay there!

Menu's tend to feature an abundance of fresh food, available in both slimming and non-slimming portions. Treatments include everything from high impact exercise with specialist trainers to low impact exercise classes like yoga and pilates, that soothe as well as strengthen. There's also all the traditional spa treatments like saunas, steam rooms and a variety of beauty and detox treatments.

Whatever your pleasure, this type of spa can provide serious wellness enhancing benefits to the serious treatment lover.



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