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Calories in bakery products

Most people know that the calories in bakery goods can quickly add up, but do you know which are the good, the bad, and the ugly when you are counting the calories in bakery goods?

As with many foods (for example baked potatoes), the calories in bakery goods will vary dramatically depending on what is added to them. Thus those that have lots of fat and sugar added will pack a much bigger calorific load.

When comparing the calories in bakery products, the only way to get a meaningful comparison is to go with a standard measure - in this case calories (kcal) per 100 grams.

So which are the ones to look out for? Here are some of the more popular choices compared :

Breads :

  • Bread - 327 kcal
  • Pita Bread - 266 kcal
  • English Muffin - 211 kcal
  • Rye Bread - 259 kcal
  • Bagel - 275 kcal

Crackers :

  • Wheat Crackers - 473 kcal
  • Cheese Crackers - 503 kcal
  • Saltine Crackers - 434 kcal


  • Angel Cake - 258 kcal
  • Carrot Cake - 415 kcal
  • Cheesecake - 321 kcal
  • Chocolate Cake - 428 kcal
  • Blueberry Muffins - 277 kcal

Other choices, such as biscuits, are too difficult to list this simply, as there are such huge differences between one and another, depending on what type they are. However, they are generally likely to be in the upper end of the range.

Given the wide variations between them, you can see that it makes a difference which you choose, particularly if these are foods, such as breads, bagels, or crackers, that you eat every day.




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