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The Right Exercises for the Summer

It's July, so summer has officially arrived! As per usual, many people set out to get their beach bodies ready for round about now, but the majority of us are still left working out through those hot summer afternoons to make sure they stay in shape! Here are a few exercises that you can practice to stay fit this summer, and still enjoy those lazy barbecues and beach days!


Running is a fantastic exercise all year round. The best thing about it is you don't need any equipment or particular space to do it! Although many prefer treadmills for running, as they provide you with accurate distances and constant speeds, as well as a range of settings to match your exercise programme, there's nothing stopping you from taking a jog round the park, down the street, or even along the beach. The most important thing when running is to keep hydrated, and run in a comfortable pair of running shoes, whether you're outdoors or on a treadmill. Running or jogging is a fantastic way to burn fat, and to keep your spirits high. Nobody ever regrets going for a run!

Some people prefer to set distance targets, like a 5 or a 10km run, whereas others like to practice interval training. In interval training, which can be practiced in any cardiovascular exercise, runners vary between slow jogging/fast-paced walking and quick bursts of sprinting. This is particularly good for burning fat (found here all treadmill offers, as well as more information about Proformfitness products).


Again, this exercise requires no special equipment and can be done on any comfortable floor or mat. It can be difficult to get started when practicing sit-ups, but after a few sessions you will truly appreciate the benefits of the exercise and you will find it much easier to practice. This is a great exercise for your abs and your core, and there are plenty of varieties to this exercise that you can employ to focus on certain muscles. This doubles up as a handy cardiovascular exercise, and you feel the benefits all over your body.

Try to aim for 50-100 sit-ups per day if you can, or on alternate days. Maintain a regular rhythm when you are doing them to truly feel the benefits of this exercise. Don't worry if your stomach hurts a little the next day, that usually means you did some good!


The big brother of sit-ups, press-ups are great for your core, and particularly your upper arms. Like with sit-ups, try to be consistent when practising press-ups. Keep your flow when you are exercising, and aim to do a few sets each day. Ensure that you are in a good position when setting up to do press-ups, as you have to be careful that your wrists are well placed and that you aren't doing any damage. Also, make sure you are completing full press-ups, you want your nose to be almost touching the ground when you are half way through a press-up, and when you come back up, don't extend your arms fully, so that your elbows are still at a slight angle.


Rowing is a great exercise, which really gets your upper body into shape whilst serving as fantastic cardiovascular activity. The best part is that you can do it either on a rowing machine, on which you can set the resistance according to your strength, or on a real rowing boat! As it's summer, you may well opt for the latter option! This is a tranquil exercise that really benefits your body, and can be done while enjoying beautiful surroundings by the river. If you are practicing rowing on a river, make sure you know what to do in rough waters and that you have your life jacket at the ready.


If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, or even have your own swimming pool, then make the most of the hot weather and practice your swimming in the sun. Swimming can be extremely beneficial, and exercises your chest and arms very efficiently. If swimming in the sea, be sure to follow the safety warnings of the lifeguard, and always follow general swimming advice.

The best thing about this exercise is that it can be interspersed with relaxing lie downs on the beach! Don't forget the suncream!

So give a few of these exercises a try over summer. Better yet, mix and match the whole lot to stay in shape and benefit from a variety of stimulating exercises to keep you in shape, motivated and in the best position to make the most of summer!




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