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Christmas Beauty Tips

Need some good Christmas beauty tips? It can be a demanding time of year, with harsh weather and lots of late nights playing havoc, so you need some Christmas beauty tips to ensure that even if you came home with your hair looking like you'd lost a fight with a bush and your makeup smeared halfway down your face, you can still get up in the morning and look like you've just come back from a relaxing spa weekend.

Our Christmas beauty tips start with your skin. When you combine tough winter weather with late nights and lots of food and drink it's your skin that is most likely to take a beating, so you need to be ready to give it some help even when it's four in the morning and all you want to do is sleep.

To make it easy for yourself, why not have some cleansing wipes somewhere convenient? Keep them either at your bedside table or in the bathroom so that you can wipe off the party face before you crash - those few precious hours without makeup will be a great benefit to your face, even if you don't do a perfect job.

Many people are concerned that wipes are bad for the skin, but experts say that they can help remove dead skin cells and improve circulation, so be sure to give your face a clean every night, no matter how late it is.

The next give-away of a long, hard night is your eyes. Eyes suffer when we abuse ourselves, and it shows in bloodshot eyes, dark eye bags and dark circles under the eyes.

To help soothe your eyes, always keep an eye-mask in your fridge - as little as five minutes will start to reduce puffiness and help get rid of the bags and dark circles. If you also use a refreshing eye roll-on before you leave the house for work in the morning, it will allow your eyes to calm down while you are on your way to work.

You can also use make-up to improve the look of your eyes - try applying a cream coloured or flesh toned eye pencil to the inner rim of the upper and lower eyelid. It will make your eyes instantly appear wide-awake and ready for the day!

Other tips to improve the look of your morning-after face include using light-diffusing foundation to even out skin tone and hide dark circles, and using products containing camomile, green tea and cucumber, which have calming properties on the skin. Finally, be sure that you drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin from within.




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