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Posture exercises

Something most of us know nothing about, posture exercises are vital to strengthen your lower and upper back.

The good news is that exercise really can help your posture, provided the posture exercises you do are the right ones and are executed correctly. Even if postural correction is not a goal, or even something had thought of, being fitter and stronger will still have benefits. However, for those for whom postural correction is a major objective, then a little more planning is required.

If this is the case then professional help may well be required. A personal trainer or physiotherapist will be able to design a workout programme that takes into account any muscle imbalances or other similar issues, and helps you work towards a more symmetrical physique. Of the various types of exercise available there are two in particular that lend themselves to helping correct these imbalances in the body. The first is Yoga. Because Yoga is a whole body exercise system that improves muscle tone, flexibility, and endurance, it tends to lead naturally to better alignment.

Alternatively, Pilates actively promotes itself as a way of helping you stand, sit, and hold yourself better. Because Pilates focuses on building a stronger core - that is, working the muscles of the lower back and abdominals - it is a great help to all those who have muscle imbalances or similar problems. Whichever route you choose, a well-planned exercise programme will help you to look and feel better.




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