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Core training & stability

The main aim of core training and in particular core stability is to 'train' the trunk muscles and then control your lumbar spine position during exercise. Many see core traingin and core stabilty as a fad, however what sets it apart from many of the previous hot fads is that it is a truly worthwhile part of anybody's workout.

So what is core training? Quite simply, it is performing exercises for the central part of your body - in particular your abdominals and lower back. The reason that core training so important is that these muscles are involved in a major way in any sport and activity you care to name. Not only that, they are also essential for leading and active healthy life.

Strengthening this area is relatively simple and should be apart of anybody's workout programme. A reasonable variety of abdominal and lower back exercises perform three or four times a week will provide all the strength and conditioning you need. The beauty of working this area is that they are is an almost infinite variety of options available. There are numerous machines that will strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and lower back, hundreds of different possibilities you can do on the mats, and now there is also the option of working on the Swiss Ball.

If you have not used this equipment for, or are not sure where to start, then it is advisable to talk to a trainer. While most of these exercises are relatively simple to perform, incorrect form can mean that you waste a lot of time and energy, or even risk injury. So get started today, your body will thank you.




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