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Avoid a sports injury

Most people will admit that a sports injury is something that most of the time could be avoided. When people list the reasons for working out, they usually talk in terms of the things that they will gain - bigger muscles, a flatter stomach, increased fitness. However, prevention of a sports injury is another key reason for working out.

So how can working out help you to avoid a sports injury? There are a number of ways. If you are training for a particular sport, then increased fitness will be a major benefit. Most people who get hurt doing a sport do so when they are fatigued. Being fitter, stronger, having greater endurance, are all great ways to avoid injury for sportsmen and women.

More generally there are specific components of fitness that can help prevent you from getting hurt. The first is strength. Typically, the weakest part of the human body is the joints - they are moving parts subject to tremendous force and strain. Strengthening the muscles around a joint can provide great protection for these potentially troublesome areas.

There are other potential benefits. Regular exercise causes more fluid to move to the joints, which lubricates and reduces wear and tear. Another part of exercise that is regularly implicated in helping people staying healthy is flexibility.

Including stretching as a part of your workout prepares your body for the unexpected stresses and strains that can be a part of everyday life. In the same way that the willow tree bends in a strong wind when the oak tree blows over, a flexible body is less likely to get hurt when twisted or forced in an unexpected direction.




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