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Body scrub

Removing dead skin cells using a variety of methods is essentially a body scrub - either facial or body.

A full body scrub includes a combination of essential oils, sea salt, water and a skin brush (also known as a loofah sponge) to exfoliate the skin (Honey and almond is a particularly popular method that's gentle and nourishing).

You will be asked to lie face down and you will be washed all over, generally beginning with your legs. The loofah is used to clean the skin in a circular motion that does not require pressure and is entirely painless.

Another method is massaging the skin with a mix of dulse seaweed, essential oils and water. This is a very relaxing way of deep cleansing the skin and restoring its mineral balance. It generally leaves your skin feeling amazingly smooth. Salt glow, on the other hand, uses salt, oils and water to get rid of dead skin cells. This makes your skin extremely soft and fresh smelling. Brush and tone is more vigorous with a dry brush used to stimulate circulation and sweep away dead skin.

These are all excellent treatments for cleaning your skin. Dead cells are cleared away leaving your skin softer and more youthful looking. Different oils or honey have moisturising qualities which revitalise your skin making it silky and smooth.



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