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Srpay Tanning booths

In addition to the traditional tanning beds are now stand up spray tanning booths with the claim that they give better results, in less time and in less space than normal.

So whether or not you believe that, it is a fact that spray tanning booths are safe than sitting out in the midday sun. They also overcome many of the problems associated with traditional tanning beds:

Bulb distance - to accommodate larger users, the top bulbs are much farther away from the user than the bottom bulbs in traditional beds. To compensate, more tanning bulbs are used on the top half. More distance from the bulb causes a huge drop in the UVA light intensity, particularly in the first four to six inches. However, with upright beds you can angle the tanning rays into the optimal shape for all parts of your body.

Claustrophobia - many people hate being sealed inside a tanning bed. Consequently, most tanning booths leave gaps on either side - this results in uneven light distribution, and uneven tanning. When you are inside a stand-up, you have freedom of movement - you can move your arms, turn around, even dance to your favorite song!

Hygiene - as you are not lying down, there is no body contact, and thus no messy lotions or oils to wipe up. Additionally, since you don't lie down, there are no pressure points, and the resulting tan is smoother and more natural-looking.

Space - upright beds occupy much less space. While you will now find stand-up beds in many tanning salons, they are also ideal for the home, because not only so they take up less floor space when in use, but many of them are designed to fold flat when not in use.



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