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Spray tanning

To offer you the best of both worlds spray tanning provides you with the appearance of having spent time in the sun, without the harmful side effects of UV rays.

When done properly, spray tanning can be a tremendous addition to your beauty regime. Therefore, we recommend that you go to a tanning studio or beauty salon that knows their stuff.

There are both pros and cons to spray tanning.:


  • As your skin is not exposed to the sun, there's no risk of damage from ultra-violet light - i.e. sunburn, skin cancer or premature ageing.

  • Sessions typically take only 25-30 minutes, so it's easy to fit them into a busy lifestyle.

  • Spray tanning eliminates the problems of streaks and missed bits associated with self-tanning.

  • If you have very fair skin, this is really the only safe way to get a tan.

  • Spray tanning can go well over an existing tan, and have the added benefit of eliminating tan lines.

  • If you do this regularly, you will also get into the habit of exfoliating and moisturizing. Your skin will benefit from the extra care and attention.


  • Many people don't live in an area where this process is available.

  • The active ingredient in most tanning solutions, DHA, can rub off on clothing. The answer - wear old, comfy fitting clothing to your sessions.

  • Some people have an allergic reaction to DHA.

However, overall this is a safe and convenient procedure. DHA has been used for over 30 years for cosmetic applications, with no harmful effects. Typically you will need to repeat the process every 7-10 days, although the longevity of the tan will depend on skin type. Other factors such as dry skin, rubbing of skin, wearing tight clothing, frequency of showering or swimming, will shorten the life of the tan.



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