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Adidas sportswear

adidas sportswear

Adidas sportswear

Founded by Adi Dassler in 1920, Adidas sportswear have grown to become one of the biggest names in sports clothing. Wioth sponsorship and brand deals across the globe, they offer great products.

Dassler's dream for Adidas was founded on the principle of providing every athlete with the best footwear for his sport. Dassler's drive to make shoes that were innovative is reflected in the more than 700 patents and other industrial property rights that the company has accrued worldwide.

What they offer :

The name Adidas is associated with sports all over the world. These days they make shoes, clothing, and a range of sporting related goods. They have always been heavily involved with the Olympics, and Olympic athletes - Dassler always saw athletes as a good way to promote the business, and over the years Adidas have been associated with figures like Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Max Schmeling, and Franz Beckenbauer.

They are also the choice of many top pro football teams, including Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC.

These days the range has expanded to include a wide range of sports and activities, such as:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Women's products
  • Body Care
  • Eyewear

Is it any good?

What sets this company apart from many in the sporting goods business is their founder's initial goals. Dassler set out to make the best shoe to serve the needs of the sport; to protect athletes from injury; and to make their products durable.One of Europe's oldest sporting goods company, they continue to provide a range of cutting edge designs.With that philosophy, you can usually rely on their products to do the job they were designed for.


One of the biggest names in the sporting goods business, this company continues to be driven by the need to make quality goods that help you to enjoy the sports you do.

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