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Stop hair loss

Whichever route you want to take to stop hair loss, chances are you will need to see your GP to discuss this condition at some point. You should not be worried about this as millions of people before you have had to do the same thing.

Seeing your GP

Your GP will need to ask you several questions about your diet, medicines you are taking, recent illnesses and even about your stress levels in order to seek ideas on how to stop hair loss going forward.

A physical examination will also be required to check the condition of your scalp as well as to establish possible direct causes. The GP may also need to take a blood sample and or a biopsy (a small amount of cells to examine under a microscope) to get further information.

What next?

In cases where an underlying medical cause is found, then following the advice and/or subsequent treatment from your doctor may stop hair loss quite quickly. Solutions for male pattern baldness vary from patient to patient as the condition is regarded as a natural phenomenon and not a disease. At this current time it is not known how to prevent this condition occurring in the first place.

Words of comfort

Baldness affects a large proportion of the population, you may be suprised to find that this is both male and female. Everyone reacts differently to the condition and you need to make a choice as to how you feel about losing your hair.

If you decide to try and stpo and even regain your hair, then various medical treatments are available to try and you can read our section to get a better idea of what's available. Please note that we recommend that whatever rote you feel you want to take, you seek medical advice from your GP.




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