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Hair loss care

With our following advice, the simple hair loss remedies you may be looking for could be as simple as changing your routines. From less washing to removing that ponytail, thay also cost nothing for you to try!

Did you know that a lot of hair loss remedies that people never think of are actually the simplest. From your shampooing technique through to the way you brush and comb your hair, this can have a dramatic effect on you keeping your hair and also saving a lot of money on irrelevant hair loss remedies like propecia (or other prescription drugs).

Some simple problems and treatments include:

  • Long hair: For those with long hair and who want to keep it, there are certain hair loss remedies which may not be obvious. Tying it back too tightly can damage the hair follicles causing the hair to thin, a condition known as 'traction alopecia'. If this continues unabated then scarring of the follicles could result in permanent hair loss.

  • Shampooing: More or less everyone uses products to clean and treat their hair on a daily basis. Shampooing does not increase the instance of hair loss as the hair shed when you are washing is ready to come out. The problem comes with hot oils or chemicals used in some specialist treatments. These treatments can cause inflammation of the hair follicle and permanent damage that can result in scarring and increased shedding of hair.

    Stress: The extra loss of hair from the scalp can be affected indirectly by causing improper stress to your physical system as a whole. For example acute stress and the use of certain medicines could affect your body and cause increased shedding of scalp hair. Keeping yourself stress free can help you keep your hair as well as keep you healthy.
These are just a few tips and tricks to help you keep a full head of hair. Read through the rest of this section to find out more.




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