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Homedics shiatsu

What is the Homedics shiatsu? Quite simply it is a home massager, a little bit of bliss that is designed replicate traditional massage techniques so you can experience the effects and benefits of a real massage wherever and whenever you need it.

The Homedics shiatsu massager provides a rhythmic deep kneading action that is designed to feel like the hands of an actual massage therapist.

Normally you can only afford to have an occasional massage, but if you have one of these in your home, you can enjoy the benefits of a massage every day.

Our lifestyles contribute much that is negative to our bodies - stress, overwork, poor posture in computer chairs or cars, lack of exercise. Massage is proven to relieve muscular tension and aches and pains, and at the same time promote relaxation.

The home massager offers a compact design with a mechanism that travels up and down your back to help knead away deep aches and pains. Simply place it in your regular chair to begin receiving the benefits of an at home massage.

There are three different settings for full back, lower back or upper back, operated from a programmable touch pad control. Simply turn it on, and enjoy a deeply relaxing massage.




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