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Benefits of Shiatsu massage

Unlike acupuncture where there is physical treatment, the benefits of Shiatsu massage are that the therapist can 'feel' where the energy may be blocked. Therapists use this information to locate muscle stress and address other physical and emotional problems. So one of the key benefits of Shiatsu massage is that this is good for people adverse to any type of treatment.

Shiatsu was developed from ancient Chinese massage. The benefits of shiatsu are not directed at curing specific diseases but helping the body as a whole to combat illness and sources of pain. The relationship between the patient and the therapist is key to the benefit of shiatsu is about helping you to be in touch with your body.

This can improve breathing, posture and circulation. It also encourages a profound sense of well being as well as a feeling of connection with your own inner and outer being.By relaxing both body and mind, this therapy can be very effective in releasing tension and lessening stiffness. It stimulates the immune and hormone system thus allowing the body to build up its natural defences. Practitioners believe that as patients are enabled to truly relax, they can begin to access their own healing power. They hold that chi is what helps a cut or a wound to heal itself and that it is therefore vital to ensure that our life energy does not block or stagnate.

Though not as effective if used only in isolation, this form of Chinese medicine can help fight disease by increasing strength and vitality. It greatly reduces stress and the deep seated tiredness that can build up in the body. By restoring your natural balance, you can help prevent future illnesses and improve your overall physical and mental health. The benefits of releasing your own healing powers are multiple and can increase your overall quality of life.




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