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Hand reflexology

Never heard of hand reflexology? Don't be surprised, it's a new version on the more traditional foot method of treatment.

Hand reflexology works on the idea that applying appropriate pressure to key energy channels and pressure points in the hand can help to relieve the body of various forms of stress and tension.

We have a natural flow of energy through our bodies, and if it becomes blocked it can lead to health problems. Therapists trained in this skill can apply pressure to release this flow of energy.

Although there are certain key locations in both the hands and the feet that relate to the key organs and systems in our body, the treatment does not just affect these - the improvements will be systemic.

In many ways the main effect of complementary therapies such as this is in the reduction of stress. Indeed, it has been shown that it is not even necessary for someone to believe in the therapy for it to work - as long as they relax and let the therapist perform the treatment, they will reap the benefits.

Following the treatment, the body is far more able to clear out toxins and waste, and begin to heal itself. Thus this treatment is very effective for people suffering from chronic conditions like IBS or regular, recurring colds.




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