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Foot reflexology

Perhaps the best known technique, foot reflexology works on the principle that we have key locations in our hands and feet that correspond to each of the organs and systems in the body.

In foot reflexology, the therapist performs specific manipulations designed to treat the areas in which you are reporting problems.

This is an over-simplification, however, because it ignores the holistic approach of the field. The therapist doesn't simply treat the symptoms, as is done in western medicine, but instead treats the whole person.

Thus the manipulations are designed to work on the whole body - the sessions will therefore help the body to eliminate toxins, improve blood supply and boost the immune system.

The overall feeling of a session is one of relaxation - indeed, some people even fall asleep - and people report that afterwards they feel calm and relaxed, with more energy and improved mood.

The therapy is not seen in isolation - the therapist may also make recommendations such as changes in the diet that can assist your body to function better.

It is therefore very effective at helping people to deal with chronic systemic problems like IBS and constipation, works well for women with hormonal problems, and can also help with psychological issues such as depression, infertility, and sleep disorders.




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