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Pilates instructor

While the majority of pilates instructors are qualified, as recent media reports suggest, unqualified teachers are unfortunately teaching some classes.

To ensure your workout does not do more harm than good, seek a pilates instructor who takes the time to explain the exercises, and ensures that you are using the correct alignment. Incorrect practice can aggravate existing medical conditions.

This workout system is often linked to back care, and as such tends to be taken by those with existing back problems. A qualified pilates instructor should consult with you and communicate with you as to which exercises will work best for your condition.

Your teacher should also ensure that you work at your own pace so as not to push yourself too quickly. Keeping in mind that a very fit man developed this practice, your teacher should adapt exercise techniques for those who are lacking in strength and flexibility.

Unless you are working with a personal trainer, it will be impossible to receive one on one training throughout the entire workout session however, the smaller the class, the more personal attention you will receive.

What steps can you take to ensure your safety?

  • Check the teacher's credentials
  • Find out how many students are enrolled in the class
  • Communicate your health issues to the instructor
  • Work at your own pace
One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to enroll in an unsuitable class. Do not overestimate your level of fitness. Even if you are already flexible and strong, it is advisable to enroll in a beginner's course, to ensure that you learn and master the correct posture alignments before advancing to more complicated postures in the next level.




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