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Aromatherapy products

Looking for a present? Aromatherapy products can make a great choice, whether you are buying for someone else, or simply looking to indulge yourself!

Aromatherapy products come in a wide range, all designed to offer a soothing, relaxing experience for your mind, body and soul.

When most people think of aromatherapy products they think first of essential oils - these are, of course, the heart of the treatment, and without them you would have nothing!

When choosing these, it is vital to ensure that you are using a reputable supplier who specialises in essential oils - cut price alternatives are typically full of synthetic substances and fragrances, and thus will not deliver the healthy benefits of the real thing.

To ensure the best quality, be sure to buy only those essential oils that have been extracted using 'cold pressing' - while this is slower, and thus more expensive than other methods, oils extracted in this way will have all the vitamins, minerals etc, still in them.

In addition to pure oils, you will find a range of items such as oil burners and fragrances, candles, and bath and body care products, all using these essential oils.

Other great gift ideas include:

  • Decorative Candles
  • Scented Candles
  • Floating Candles
  • Oil burners
  • Incense
  • Scented candles
  • Simmering granules
  • Essential oil soaps
  • Herbal soaps
  • Bath cakes
  • Relaxation and therapy DVDs
  • Massage oil
  • Massage kits
  • Relaxation CDs suitable for Yoga, Aromatherapy etc
  • Wheat Bags (heat or cool to treat injuries)




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