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Aromatherapy burner

How do you use an aromatherapy burner? The idea behind them is that by burning the essential oils in a specially designed diffuser, the beneficial properties of the essential oils are dispersed into the air.

There are various methods of doing this, but the most effective way uses heat. Aromatherapy burners come in a variety of styles including aroma rings, electric burners and tea candle burners.

So what can you put in aromatherapy burners? The choices are endless. Aromatherapy uses the volatile essential oils from hundreds of different types of leaves, flowers, fruits, spices, roots and woods, to achieve beneficial effects.

These benefits can be both physical and psychological, and come from either applying the essential oils to the skin (usually through massage), or inhaling the aroma of the oils.

Turning to the different types of heat diffusers, aroma rings are among the simplest and easiest to use. They comprise a ring with a thin groove made of either metal or ceramic - the oil is put into the groove, then the whole device fits over a light bulb. It thus uses the the heat generated by the light to release the fragrance.

Alternatively, electric burners plug into the mains. They have a pad which absorbs the oil and is heated by electric coils. They are very safe and can thus be used in children's rooms or nursing homes, even at night while you sleep.

Finally there are those designs that use tea candles. Water and a few drops of oil are held in a small dish above the candle. When the water gets hot enough, the fragrance is diffused into the surrounding area.




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