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Curves Ladies Gyms

The world's largest fitness franchise, Curves ladies gyms are in over 10,000 locations worldwide offering affordable, one-stop exercise and nutritional information for women.


Curves ladies gyms are found in 55 countries, including the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, South America, The Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Japan. In addition, Curves ladies gyms provide online support that is available 24/7 to provide a variety of delicious, healthy recipes, a personalized exercise plan and weight loss tips.

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What do you get?

So what do Curves offer that meets the needs of women so well? Firstly, it's a women only environment, which makes many women more comfortable in their workouts. The trainers are women, and so are all the other members, so you are surrounded by an encouraging women-only support network.


Facilities & Equipment

There are also the workouts - they are designed for women, and offer a simple, efficient way of working out that can make a serious difference to your fitness and health in just three, 30-minute workouts per week.

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There are already more than 150 locations throughout the UK, including :

  • Edinburgh
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Bristol
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Women who join the Curves gyms say that the workouts are fun - and the sense of support they feel makes them different from any other health club they may have visited in the past.

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    Added Value

    So if you want to get a complete aerobic and strength training workout in just 30 minutes in a supportive, ladies-only environment, this could be the place for you. Included is :

    • Warm-up
    • Aerobic exercise
    • Strength training
    • Cool down
    • Stretching


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