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Contours Express Ladies Gyms

Women will feel welcomed and love the wonderful world of Contours, a world of weight loss, achievement and most of all a world of fun, all in just a 29 minute workout.

At Contours Express we help prevent Osteoporosis, arthritis, increase metabolism, fight obesity, heart disease, help reduce the risk of diabetes, prevent injury and most of all help you feel better about yourself in a ladies only environment. It works - we get results. We cater for all, whether you are a beginner or have been going to the gym for years this is for you, with continuous help and programs whilst you are at the gym and endless knowledge to take home with you and use in your everyday life.


There is no question about it, Contours Express Ladies Gyms are better than any other ladies gyms around, the reason for this is that we only use weight-based equipment that has been specifically designed for women, whereas other gyms use hydraulic equipment.

Studies have shown that women quickly reach their maximum capacity when using hydraulic equipment - the result? They stop making progress. The weight-based equipment at Contours express gyms ensures that you always get the results you want from your workouts.

What do you get?

Most gyms work hard to sign you up and then forget about you BUT at Contours this is where we are unique, we want to welcome you to the Contours Family and look forward to building a weight losing, fitness gaining and friendly relationship with you! We only take on the cr?me de la cr?me when it comes to staffing and this makes a significant difference when it comes to the quality of the workout you will get with us.

At selected gyms we boast the Vibrogym, the original Powerplate which is an exercise machine that is used by the stars.

Currently we are based in two locations in the UK:

268-270 Watford Way
t: 0208 203 9119
e: Hendon@contoursexpress.co.uk
High Wycombe
5 Easton Street
High Wycombe
HP11 1NJ
t: 01494 44 9 906
e: highwycombe@contoursexpress.co.uk

But there will be more coming soon.


Why not find out more about membership deals by calling us on 0208 203 9119.



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