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Japanese style acupuncture

If you compare Japanese style acupuncture with others, you will soon see the difference. If is a much more delicate process, relying on an exquisitely gentle touch - little wonder when you discover that Japanese style acupuncture was largely developed by blind practitioners. Indeed, even today, around 40% of Japanese style acupuncturists are blind.

It is thus an incredibly gentle practice. In Japanese style acupuncture the needles are far finer - barely thicker than a human hair - and they are only inserted 1 or 2mm. Manipulation of the needles is kept to a minimum.

Another difference can be seen in the practice of moxibustion - the burning of herbs on or near the acupressure points. In keeping with the minimalist methods used throughout, minute amounts of highly refined substances are burnt on the points themselves.

This is therefore an excellent way for someone who is nervous about this technique to gain a gentle introduction. Indeed, so gentle are the needle insertions that sometimes they are actually not inserted at all - it is thus completely pain free.

These techniques owe their existence to three legends of twentieth century alternative medicine, Dr Yoshio Manaka, Kobe Akabane and Kodo Fukushima. Between them they took an existing body of knowledge and refined it to produce an elegant alternative.

The result is one more option for those who like to explore more gentle options for healing the body.




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