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With 46 facilities, Banana Fitness Centres are based mainly in the Midlands and the South of England so there's a good chance one of their gyms may be near you. Run by SLM, Banana Fitness have a vision to "promote and enhance the health and well-being of communities through exercise, fitness and sport.


When we did our reviews, Banana Fitness centres offered a choice of 3 unique ways to exercise when compared to their competitors :

  • bXP programmes

    bXP offers a menu of specially designed exercise programmes, giving you the choice and variety you want in your workouts. bXP has 8 different exercise experiences - dash, punch, spin, swim, balance, cardio, strength and sports.The variety will keep you interested and motivated, while the choice of workouts will help you challenge your body and make progress more quickly.

    More experienced exercisers can pick and choose their own bXP programme, while beginners will be given help putting together a programme that will suit their current fitness levels and goals.

  • bGX classes

    bGX workouts are group classes, a fun and proven way to get in shape. The motivation of the group, and the range of classes offered means there's always a reason to attend! Classes include favorites such as Body Pump, Body Combat & Body Balance, plus Spinning and Aqua sessions.

    bGX classes are great if you like the motivation and energy of a group, and the variety means you can choose between upbeat, exciting workouts when you need a lift, and relaxing, low key sessions when you want to relax and unwind.

  • bPT sessions

    bPT offers the opportunity to work with a trainer for just ?10! It is a half hour, one-to-one, session that is ideal for those times when you need to update your workout, or get a little help moving towards your goals.

    An occasional bPT session can help you to assess where you are, and help pinpoint the areas you need to focus on to keep moving forwards.

By mixing and matching between bXP programmes, bGX classes and affordable, one-to-one bPT sessions, you can create your own unique workout experience, different every time you attend.

Whatever your fitness goals, from entering a triathlon to staying in shape while pregnant, we can help. So come and visit us and see all that we have to offer.



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