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Pedicures & manicures

Take the time to pamper your weary feet. Pedicure treatments are a luxurious foot treatment that cares for the feet, legs, and toenails. As such pedicures and manicures are helpful in preventing nail diseases and disorders, improving the appearance of feet, and relieving the embarrassment most of us have of revealing our feet to the world.

Derived from the Latin words pes (foot) and cura (care), a pedicure is essentially a manicure for the feet. While it is certainly possible to perform a pedicure at home, those with decreased mobility and flexibility may prefer the pampering offered by a salon treatment. If, however you choose to perform this procedure on yourself, you will be able to use many of the same implements that make up your manicure kit.

As toenails are generally thicker than fingernails, you will need to replace nail clippers with toe clippers, and upgrade the grit of your nail file to easily remove length. The procedure for a pedicure is as follows:

  • Remove old nail polish with cotton ball soaked in polish remover.

  • Use toenail clippers to cut nails straight across.

  • File toenails straight across, rounding slightly at corners to conform to toe shape.

  • Fill a large basin with warm water and Epsom salts. Place atop a towel. Soak one or both feet in the basin for five minutes.

  • Remove feet from basin and dry thoroughly with towel, paying close attention to the area between the toes.

  • Use cuticle pusher to push back cuticles.

  • Scrub feet and toenails with a nailbrush.

  • Remove calloused skin with a foot file paddle.

  • Massage cream, lotion, or oil into feet, legs and toes.

  • Apply a base coat of polish, two coloured coats (if desired), and a topcoat, allowing polish to dry for at least a minute between coats. To avoid smudging, place a toe separator between toes.



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