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Acrylic nails

The most popular artifical nails are acrylic nails because they are the thickest and strongest available. Acrylic nails come in simple nail kits and are easy to apply and remove providing you follow the instructions.

Ideal for those who bite their nails, those who are unable to grow their nails or when you simply want exquisite looking hands for a special occasion, acrylic nails are a must for your wardrobe. Acrylic nails are created by combining a polymer (powder), with a monomer (liquid). The mixture is applied to the natural nail and hardens within minutes.

Although it doesn't replace the pampering effects of having a professional treatment, at home manicures are certainly easier on your pocket book. Take your time; the procedure requires patience, and practice. Remember, nails that are incorrectly applied look thick and fake. Choose a good quality opaque brand of artificial tips. They come in approximately twenty different sizes; select the one that fits your nail bed exactly.

How to apply acrylic nails:

  1. Using a non-acetone remover, remove old polish.
  2. Lightly roughen nails with a fine grit block.
  3. Trim your fingernails to the skin.
  4. Apply a drop of glue to an artificial tip.
  5. Place tip on your natural nail, taking care that it is straight.
  6. Using an artificial tip cutter to clip the new nail to the desired length. Compare each nail to get them looking similar.
  7. File them to the length and shape you'd like them to be.
  8. Pour monomer into a dish set atop a paper towel.
  9. Open the container of acrylic powder.
  10. Dip brush (about a ? of the bristles) into liquid and remove excess by wiping bristles once or twice against inside of dish.
  11. Dip tip of brush into the polymer. A moist "ball" should form at tip.
  12. Apply "ball" on seam of tip and natural nail. Work quickly. Do not get product on cuticle.
  13. Repeat steps ten to twelve for each nail.
  14. Build up the nail by taking a tiny bit of product and coating the tip and free edge mimicking the natural curve of the natural nail.
  15. Let dry for ten minutes.
  16. With medium grit file, file the sides, close to the cuticle, and shape the build up to look more rounded and natural looking.
  17. Smooth any bumps with a filing block.
  18. Scrub new nails with warm soapy water and nail brush.
  19. Dry hands.
  20. Apply polish. There is no need to apply a bottom coat.
  21. Once polish has dried, apply cuticle oil to re-moisturise and condition cuticles after exposure to chemicals.

Your new look, should you wish to keep it, will need to be maintained approximately every two weeks.



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