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Gel nails

One area of growth in nail care is gel nails and gel nail kits. As clients tire of the disadvantages associated with acrylic nail enhancements, such as odour, and nail breakage, the popularity of gel nails grows.

Gel nails are odourless, flexible, clear, lightweight, non-yellowing, and extremely natural looking; and can be used in a variety of ways: from natural full and tip overlays, to short extensions, and coverage for damaged free edges. So in short, far more flexible and durable than traditional nali extensions then!

The procedure for creating gel nails is a one-part system that involves the application of a thick viscosity acrylic gel which, gets 'cured' under a UV light. Although these nail enhancers are made with the same material as acrylic ones, they are not to be confused. Gel nails are composed of different molecular structures, and as such apply and wear differently. As these nails tend to be less durable than acrylic ones, silk or fiberglass can be added for repairs or extra strength.

These natural looking nail enhancers provide instant gratification and embrace a healthy nail philosophy. Using tips and forms, your nail therapist can instantly transform your hands by adding length and beauty to nails. The ultimate long-term goal of treatment however, is that you will eventually grow out and wear your own nails. Essentially the artificial nail can be viewed as an enhancer that simply protects the nail underneath helping it grow strong and healthy.

While this hand treatment appears easy to do, it is difficult to master, and requires the use of specialty equipment for 'curing'. As such, if your pocketbook can bear it, it is advisable to have the procedure done by a professional esthetician. These specialty nail enhancers are compatible with other hand beauty treatments, so why not opt to extend your session to also include a hand massage, paraffin wax, and hand facial?



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