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Nail manicures

A weekly nail manicure can do amazing things for your nails, including making then stronger and of course making them look more cared for.

So if you're looking for nail manicure tips and manicure products, where better to start than with us here at thefitmap.co.uk.

The nail manicure is a treatment that focuses on maintaining and pampering the hands and/or the nails. This helps to prevent hangnail formation and damage, improves blood circulation and nail strength and discourages wrinkling of the hands.

A nail manicure is a standard beauty treatment that can be enjoyed by both sexes and typically consists of soaking and moisturizing the hands, followed by filing and shaping the nails and possibly an application of polish.

Additional procedures may include :

Cuticle removal - After filing, and prior the soaking, a cosmetic solution will be applied to the cuticles to soften them.

Bleaching nails - Hydrogen peroxide or cosmetic acids may be applied to the nail to remove stains.

Exfoliation - Sloughing lotions may be massaged into hands to remove rough, dry skin

Conditioning - A paraffin wax treatment may be applied to the skin to open the pores and encourage moisturizers to more deeply penetrate the skin

Basic manicures are easily performed at home, however you may welcome the extra pampering that professional salon services provide. The following is the procedure for an at home treatment :

  1. Remove old polish with a cotton ball soaked in acetone.

  2. Shape the nail into the desired shape using a nail file. File in one direction only, using the coarse side of the nail file to shorten the nail, and the finely textured side to shape.

  3. Soak hands in a bowl of warm water to which liquid soap or shampoo has been added.

  4. Thoroughly dry hands with a lint free towel.

  5. Using a cuticle pusher, gently push cuticles back.

  6. Massage lotion into hands for five minutes. Concentrate on massaging the palm of one hand with the thumb of the other. Work your way over the hand and then alternate.

  7. Apply a base coat of polish; commencing at the base of the nail, and sweeping to the tip. Three sweeps of the nail should suffice, starting with the centre stroke.

  8. Once the base coat has dried, apply a second coat of polish. This is generally the coloured coat.

  9. Once the second coat has dried, apply a topcoat for added protection against chips.

  10. Store polish in the fridge, and allow polish to harden and dry over the next hour.

Protect yourself from fungus and communicable diseases by keeping your at-home kit clean, and ensuring your salon sterilizes all tools. Your salon may even store your own personal kit, to ensure extra cleanliness.



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